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Our Story

In 2017 our daughter Tatum was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. In short, this condition results in the passing of an excess amount of protein into the urine. It can lead to extreme swelling and an increased risk of other health problems. In many cases, the patient relies on harsh, ineffective medicines, while some will need a kidney transplant in the future. The worst part is that doctors are uncertain of the exact cause of the rare condition. This diagnosis threw our family into a cycle of fear and uncertainty, leading Jennifer to leave her job to be home with Tatum. During this time, Jennifer took up making candles for ourselves, friends, and family. After a few short months of experimenting and receiving candle requests, we decided to form A Little Soy Candle Company and to use the company as a creative way to raise funds and awareness for Nephrotic Syndrome.

Our Mission

Raise awareness.
If you were to put 100,000 children inside of a football stadium, 16 of them would have Nephrotic Syndrome. This makes the condition a rare but complicated disease. We hope that as we share our story, we will also raise more awareness about this rare condition unknown to many.
Raise money.
Since our daughter's diagnosis, we have formed a relationship with Nephcure Kidney International. This non-profit has led the effort in getting us closer to finding a cure. Over the past 20 years, Nephcure has invested over 40 Million dollars in research and patient support. Currently, we donate 10% of our sales directly to the organization and have a goal to sell 1 million candles by 2030. This would raise over 1.5 Million dollars for the cause.

Human centered business .
As social entrepreneurs, we are always thinking about the big picture. We recognize that as Americans, we are incredibly fortunate to have the ability to operate a small business. Sadly this is an opportunity that billions of people around the world do not have. When making a business decision, we will always do our best to consider the needs of our customers, employees, partners, and community. The world is abundant, and we believe wealth is best invested when it elevates humanity.

Our candles are hand-poured in our home in West Haven, CT. We offer free local delivery in the greater New Haven area and ship to the entire United States. 

Thank you for your love and support!

The Crooms Family 💚